May I take this opportunity to thank you and your employees on the completion of the Converting Move. The movement of the Machinery was completed without any incidents/accidents and the machinery was handed back 6 days in front of plan.

John Warner President of Firerweb wishes to forward his thanks for a project well done.

F Randell
Project Converting Manager



In light of our conversation yesterday regarding Electrical Contract Resource, please see attached introductory letter from our preferred outsourced electrical provider - Little Miller Services

I can absolutely recommend LMS as a reliable, competent company, that has consistently delivered to schedule and budget and would have no issues going forward using this caliber of electrical installations company for the F11 Implant expansion project...they are currently providing and will continue to provide resources for the F11 1k Ramp Program, thus are well versed with IRN stringent policy, procedures and ultimately our demanding level of expectations.

Mark Gale
Facilities Projects Manager


Dear All,

I would like to thank everyone for their safe, hard work and commitment through the shutdown. I would especially like to thank Chris Hinge, Chris Webley, Chris Huish LMS and Eric WMS for their excellent project work on X-Ray.

Steve Owen
Contracts and Utility Manager


Dear Mark,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and to ask you to pass on the thanks of myself the company and my management team to your employees for their loyalty, flexibility and total commitment that they showed on 9th and 10th June, supporting Cwmbran plant on working around the clock to ensure that the plant was back in operation as quickly as possible. As a result, it was a major achievement that the line was back in production within 38 hours.

Oleksamdr Prykhodko
Cwmbran Plant Manager


Dear Sir,

RE: Jupiter Paper Machine, Incomer Failure

On the 25th January 2008 we suffered a catastrophic failure on the main electrical incomer for our Jupiter paper machine. As we worked through the repairs to bring the machine back into production, your company played an important part in helping us to achieve this.

I would like to thank you for the valued contribution your company made.

Eddie Shaw
Engineering Manager


Dear Mark,

On Thursday 24th April, The Cwmbran plant was visited by the Knauf family and Company Directors. This was part of their European plant tour which is normally undertaken on an annual basis.

In the weeks leading up to this date, all managers, teams and contractors at Cwmbran were working towards making the Cwmbran site the highlight of their visit. Early evening of Wednesday 23rd the plant had a fire on one of its production lines. Although there was no fire damage there was considerable water damage to equipment and product from the sprinkler. clearly this was not the best position to be in for an extremely important visit.

On the night in question our maintenance manage Andy Wilson contacted your company for help. Paul Coward and a small team for Little Mill Services attended site and worked extremely hard to get the mainline running again and isolate the encapsulation process of checking and ensuring the machine was operable. As a result of your team's efforts and other the machine was operable again on Friday and the plant tour went extremely well on Thursday.

I would like to thank you personally and to ask you to pass on the thanks of myself and my management team to your employees for their loyalty and total commitment that they showed on the 23rd and 24th April.

Iain James
Plant Manager


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